Charlie's Recommended Fishing Guides

This section will feature fishing guides on various bodies of water whom I have personally checked out.  It takes a special kind of person to be a quality guide.  Having guided myself for 17 years, I recognize the types of things that are necessary to provide a quality trip. Although I have been out with many guides on many bodies of water over the past 35 years, there are not many that I recommend.  The ones who make my list can be counted on to provide a quality trip, teach the client why the fish are where he/she is taking you and the best technique for catching them.  This allows you to come back later and be able to catch fish using that technique in areas that resemble the original site to which you were taken. They also provide quality fishing tackle for clients to use and have safe, comfortable boats.  Each of the following guides has certain strengths and should be selected for those attributes.  You don’t book a striper guide for a bass trip or a catfish guide for a striper trip. Some of these guides provide other services, such as lunches, special kids trips, etc. 



Indianhead Charters
Phone:  301-203-0961       E-Mail:      

Capt. Mike Starrett fishes for bass, snakehead, crappie and catfish on the Potomac River. His bass trips are legendary as they take place in the evening and are primarily topwater trips. His knowledge of cover and tides is extensive and trips also include Bar-B-Que dinners before fishing. Catfish trips target BIG blue catfish using live black salties as bait. Many fish over the 50# mark have come into his boat. Crappie trips are run, using the spider method; ten or more rods arrayed around the boat while drifting the targeted waters.

If you wish to have a great time with a real character and catch your targeted species, check out Capt. Mike Starrett. You need to be aware that he is normally booked up far in advance.

Indianhead Charters
Phone: 301-437-3555              E-Mail:
Capt. Dave Snellings has been fishing since the 7th grade, mostly for bass, but since meeting Capt. Mike Starrett, has branched out into many other species. Under the tutelage of Capt. Mike, Capt. Dave has become an accomplished guide for Crappie, Catfish, Bass and Snakehead.  He is very personable and laid back. A trip with him is a relaxing, but adventurous experience.


Tym 2 Fish Guide Service                     
Phone:   703-675-8807


Roy Cooley is a guide who specializes in teaching the use of fishing electronics to those who need the instruction.  Being a technologically challenged individual, this was right up my alley.  Roy spent many years as a cartographer with the Army Map Service and learned how to make and interpret maps through the use of electronics.  When he got into fishing, it just made sense that this knowledge would carry over into his fishing.  He worked for years with Wayne Olsen, learning the fishing end of the business and along the way, taught Wayne quite a bit about electronics.  Roy guides for bass and crappie, along with specific trips to teach electronics.  He also provides seminars for groups on using fishing electronics.  He has been sponsored by both Humminbird and Lowrance and is intimately familiar with both brands.


Bud’s Guide Service                
Phone:   434-374-0348

Bud Haynes has been guiding on Buggs Island Lake for a good number of years.  He is noted for his Hellgrammite Lures, which are well known for their ability to attract bass and crappie.  Bud is a master at locating fish in deep water throughout the lake, although he spends most of his time around Bluestone and Buffalo Creeks.  He has a number of techniques that produce quality bass from deep water when anglers are getting skunked fishing the shallows.  He also targets crappie for those anglers who like to catch big crappie.



Rick Morris Guide Service
Phone: 804-868-0014 E-Mail:

Rick grew up on Lake Gaston, fishing with his brother and becoming local legends in the area. As a result of his success here, he opted to turn pro and has spent 23 years fishing over 230 BassMaster events. He has returned to his roots, started a business making RPM fishing rods and guiding both Lake Gaston and Buggs Island Lake. Rick will fish for any species, but mainly targets bass. He also enjoys instructional trips, where he teaches the fundamentals of fishing to his clients. If you wish to know all about fishing and bass fishing, in particular, you should contact Rick Morris. You will be in for a great day of fishing.


Blues Brothers Guide Service
Phone: 919-724-2474 or 252-398-7192


Zakk Royce is the Catfish Guide on Lake Gaston. Holder of the current North Carolina State Record Blue Catfish at 105 pounds, Zakk has many other catches verified at over the 80 pound mark. He fishes from a stable and roomy 21' Carolina Skiff and will take up to 4 anglers. All tackle and bait is provided. Just bring food, drink and a valid license. All catfish over 15# will be returned to the water, but "eaters" (those under 15# may be kept for dinner. If you are a catfisherman, be sure to call Zakk. You will definitely be in for a great day.




Spike’s Prime Time Fishin’              
Phone:   540-297-5611     E-Mail:      

Spike Franceschini and his wife, Kathy, are two of the finest striper guides in the country. For over 20 years, I have been fishing with the two of them and have never had a bad trip.  While I primarily fish for bass at Smith Mountain Lake and Spike and Kathy are striper guides, they invariably put me on bass as well. Each of them has a luxurious pontoon boat that is both extremely safe and comfortable, providing the ideal striper fishing platform. They also have rental lodging available for individuals and groups. 



Fish the Chesapeake with Eddie Davis            
Phone:   301-904-3897

I have fished with many charter captains on the Chesapeake Bay, but have never found one as accommodating as Capt. Eddie Davis. Having grown up on Smith Creek where he currently resides, he has swam, dived, crabbed, fished, raced boats, built boats and anything else a waterman does.  His boats are always immaculate, as he does the finishing, painting and upkeep.  Whether you prefer trolling, casting, chumming, bottom fishing or fly fishing Eddie knows how and is happy to provide the experience.  No matter whether you are chasing bluefish, stripers or panfish, Eddie can put you on fish. Many times, I have been bailing fish aboard “Edith Rose” when all of the other captains were crying the blues on the radio.